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Making Shade While the Sun Shines

We lost our dogwood this year.  It was a nice tree and fit the area where we had it beautifully, proving light shade for some truly lovely hostas and other shade-lovers, but it was our third dogwood to die from some kind of scale, so we decided to try a small magnolia to replace it.  Unfortunately the largest we could find in tree form was only a #10 pot, and it may be a few years before it provides enough shade for the plants that were under the dogwood.  Meanwhile, it wasn’t even that hot yet and they were already beginning to show signs of scorching.  We found a “shade sail” at Costco and it’s doing a good job of providing some shade while the tree grows.  It’s actually kind of cool looking too.

Also in this picture you can see the final decision on non-cypress mulch.  We’re really happy with the look of our hardwood-only bark mulch.  It’s a warm brown that we like even better than the red hues of the cypress.  It was kind of pricey, but worth it to help save those cypress groves.

Shade Sail


Planting Time

We’ve decided we need more perennials in our beds and want to do some serious planting this spring.  I found an interesting publication from the U of MN Extension.  I’m always amazed at the wealth of information available on that website.  Tap or click on the image to go to the site.  And because it’s from the U of Mn I know all the plants will be appropriate for this region.

Spring is Bustin’ Out All Over

Signs of spring are erupting. There are crocuses, a daffodil blossom, tulip greens are showing, but best of all, the trees are showing that green haze that promises real leaves within the week.


Birch Tree

I’m hoping our recent dump of heavy snow won’t permanently damage our birch tree, which is normally vertical, not horizontal. Poor thing.


Silver Lining

If you look hard, there’s an upside to almost everything. This was posted on our city’s Facebook page:


Autumn Leaves

Last night we had some high winds and strong rain.  Results:  a lawn of leaves.


Flowering Trees & Shrubs


Our flowering crabs are in various stages of blossom. The front tree is almost done, blossoms faded, leaving a pink blanket on the bed below. The white Snow Queen is peaking and is pretty much living up to its name, and the darker red is just beginning to show its colors. The lilac bushes are mirroring the crabs, with the white ones leading the way, and the more colorful blooms just beginning.

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