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Christmas Cheer

Appreciating the silver linings of the cold. One of them is definitely winter spruce pots, enjoyed from indoors.



Azalea Blossoms

I have a potted azalea that’s about 8-10 years old. It started as a small 6″ florist version in full bloom — a Mother’s Day gift from my son. After that first bloom, I researched online how to get azaleas to bloom again and it sounded like far too much effort for me, so I figured I would never again see blossoms on it. But azaleas have very beautiful foliage and of course, it had sentimental value, so I nurtured it. It got bigger, and bigger, and it turns out getting blooms every year wasn’t as complicated as all the online resources led me to believe. They all involved putting it in a cold, dark place for months, then bowing to the east and praying to the blossom goddess. All it takes is a fairly pot-bound plant given lots of summer sunshine, and every year in the depths of winter I’m blessed with a beautiful bush of bright pink flowers. It’ll be a while until it’s really spectacular, but I’m always happy when I see the first buds, which is happening now. In January it will be breathtaking.


Winter Solstice!

It’s here, the Winter Solstice! I love this day because, of course, the days become longer again. It is now 7:30 am and it’s about 50% light. Sunrise is officially 7:47 am and sunset 4:33 pm


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