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Self watering?

We’re taking off for sunny days and spring training, and I have plants that need tending while we’re gone.  I’ve decided to try the Plant Nanny line of watering devices.  They are open-topped stakes made from terra cotta that plunge into the soil, then a water-filled bottle is inverted into the cone-shaped vessel.  As the soil dries out the water seeps through the porous clay to keep the soil moist.  I wouldn’t want my plants to stay constantly moist like that for an extended period of time, but I’m hoping they’ll be fine for a week.  

The “bottle” version has a plastic adapter that fits the neck of a water or soda bottle.  This was not an exercise in reuse for me because we don’t buy any beverages in these bottles, so I had to purchase bottles of water and tea just for the bottles.  The second style is the wine bottle version which has a similar terra cotta cone but much larger to accommodate a wine bottle neck.  No problem finding an empty for this one.

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