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Silver Lining

If you look hard, there’s an upside to almost everything. This was posted on our city’s Facebook page:



New White Blanket

I woke up to what is the prettiest snowfall of the season. It’s sparkling and fluffy. The hole around the bottom of the spruce pot shows how deep it is. Not too long ago that was a pretty clean deck. I’m hoping this lovely blanket is keeping the baby lavender that I planted last summer nice and warm and it will reward me with relaxing fragrance for many years to come.


Contrasting Pots

What a difference between the snowy outdoor landscape and the tropical indoor activity. The azalea isn’t even in full bloom yet. It’s still about 15% unopened buds.



Our outdoor/indoor thermometer at 6 am: 20140106-075645.jpg

There is very little bird activity today. There are a couple hardy goldfinches, normally fairly thin birds, that are almost perfectly spherical. I’m amazed they can sit on the feeder perches and still reach the ports they’re so rotund! No matter how many times I see it, I still can’t believe those tiny little creatures can survive these winters. Nature is truly astounding.

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