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Hummingbird Siting

I saw my first hummingbird of the season this morning.  Spring must really be here (although it’s pretty cold out there — 48 degrees F.)  I just looked back and saw that for the past 2 years my first siting was on May 19.  This is a very reliable little bird.


2017 Hummingbird Patrol

The hummingbirds seem to be about a week earlier than last year, which isn’t surprising given the mild winter and early spring we’ve had.  When the first ones are sighted in southern Minnesota we usually get the feeder out.  It shouldn’t be long now.

2017 hummingbird map

2017 Hummingbird Migration Map

The Hummingbird Watch Has Begun

According to the migration map there’s been a siting in southern Minnesota.  We’ve got the feeder out, so if any little hummers are around they’ll nosh in our yard.  According to last year’s posts we saw our first hummingbird on May 19 last year.

A Day of Firsts

6:35 am.
First hummingbird siting. She was here for about 15 seconds and took off.
Now it feels like spring.

First tulip bud

Noon update: first really heart-stopping clap of thunder. Wow it’s really pouring.

Handsome Dude and Ladyfriend

We don’t get wood ducks too often, and it’s always special when they show up. She preferred the high ground while he investigated the terra firma.


Colorful Spring

Our plants are all coming in late this year, not surprising given the winter we had and its late exit. However, our feathered friends are making up for them with the color they’re providing. I finally got some shots of that red headed woodpecker, although not good ones. He/she hangs around under the platform feeder where we have an inverted suet feeder. It’s shady under there and not a great place to get a good shot. We had a rose-breasted grosbeak enjoying the jelly today.


Join Feederwatch

Feederwatch is a citizen science group that tracks bird activity from October through April every year.  We’ve been participating for several years and it’s a lot of fun, helping to cheer up some of those wintery days.  They’re taking registrations for this fall now.

Everything you need to know is on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.


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