Summer Solstice

What a bittersweet day. Starting tomorrow, the days get shorter. Sunrise 5:23am, sunset 9:03pm. Now that’s a day!

We planted a tiny clematis plant last year. It took most of the year to establish itself and didn’t get much larger by the end of the season, and with our horrific winter, I wondered whether it survived. Well, it’s covered with gorgeous blossoms. This is at least the third clematis I’ve tried over the years, going all the way back to the little house in St. Paul I had before I was married. I’ve never been successful with one before.

My pots are all planted, save for a few small ones I’ll add on impulse. Since I’m always trying new combinations and rarely repeat, every year there’s always one I like more than the rest – the balance of color and texture just works for me. This year it’s a purple, red and orange/yellow combination I’m really happy with.



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