Squirrel Battles

It’s the time of year when squirrels get even more enthusiastic about raiding bird feeders. This article has some good ideas for deterring them. You can read the full text here.

We have found the baffles as she describes to be the best defense, and we also have a squirrel feeder we try to keep stocked with corn, especially now. Corn is a lot cheaper than sunflower and nyjer, the two seeds we offer the most to our birds. Trouble is, we live on the edge of a woods, and we have so many squirrels, we could fill it several times a day. They’re in stockpiling mode right now, so after they’ve gorged themselves to the brim, they start hoarding for winter, which isn’t really necessary because we’ll feed them corn all winter, but they (and their genetics) don’t know that. They dig holes everywhere, stashing their maize treasures. Most of these stashes go unused, and in the spring we’re pulling up baby corn plants everywhere! For all their nuisance, I do find them entertaining.

In the pictures above, the two poles on the left are well protected by baffles. We have never seen a squirrel get past them. The first is fairly near a deck planter, but because it’s so high they can’t get past it.

imageThat hanging feeder on the right side of the black pole is called a “squirrel buster” and was supposed to be squirrel proof, LOL. Those little perches are on a weight-sensitive mechanism that closes when anything too heavy gets on them, blocking access to the feed openings, but squirrels, especially red squirrels, are too smart for that. It worked for a while, but sooner or later they’d get at the seed. Of course, all the while they’re working on this invasion, no birds can use it.

The last image is the squirrel feeder, placed about 15-20 feet from the other feeders. That jar is a gallon sized behemoth and can hold lots of corn, even on its side. It’s empty now, but that’s the way it looks most of the time unless you look right after it’s been filled. They do like it, and will wait in line for access. They’re pretty civilized about it. Sometimes there’s one in the little hut getting corn, one on the roof and one on the top of the pole, waiting their turns. They behave better than many humans would.


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